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If you are from outside the State of Oregon and you are interested in applying to or want to enroll in an online degree, certificate program or individual online course at PSU, it is important to check the PSU webpage on State Authorization to make sure authorization in your state of residence is verified.

CREDIT REGISTRATION (Undergraduate/Graduate)

I’m a first-time PSU student

  1. Create your student account . To register for a credit class online, you must be in the Portland State Banweb system. To establish your Banweb student account, click here. You will be charged a $25 fee, plus $2 for processing, payable online by VISA or MasterCard.Once the Admissions office has processed your application and you have received a nine-digit PSU ID number beginning with the number 9 along with a password, you may proceed to step two.
  2. Register with the PSU Odin Account Manager (OAM) system . Upon creation of your student account, navigate to to complete registration. Once you have finished the OAM process all of your PSU accounts will be synchronized, so you can register for future courses, obtain grades, make payments, and use your PSU email with one login.
  3. Register for your course . Use the schedule below to view your available registration process options.

I’m a returning PSU student

If it has been more than six months since your last course or you have forgotten your PSU login information, follow steps 1-2, otherwise skip directly to step 3.

  1. Go to and click the 'Forgot your password' button. Using either you PSU ID # or ODIN username, follow the steps on the next screen to retrieve a new password. This process will refresh your student registration account and allow you to access Banweb. If you do not remember your PSU ID or username, contact CEED at 503-725-8279 or PSU admissions at 503-725-3511.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes and then login to using your new credentials from step 1.
  3. Register for your course. Use the schedule below to view your available registration process options.

Summer term registration schedule

April 24 - Start date of class - Complete a paper registration form and mail, email, or fax to CEED.
May 5 - Start date of class - Register online or complete a paper registration form and mail, email, or fax to CEED.


PSU accepts credit registration payment in the form of check, money order, credit card, and e-check with the following associated fees:

  • e-check - $0 fee. Online setup required during payment process **recommended**
  • Check/money order - $0 fee when mailed with registration
  • Mastercard/American Express – 2.75% of total registration amount
  • Visa - $50 fee

Mail checks to the following address, please include your PSU ID number in the memo section:

Portland State University
Student Accounts
PO Box 908
Portland OR 97207

Need help with credit registration?
Email or call 503-725-4825

Non-admitted students may take up to 8 credits in each of fall, winter, and spring terms; and up to 21 in summer. Admitted graduate students are limited to a maximum of 16 credits in each of all four terms, unless otherwise approved. All university policies apply.


Paying by credit card

* Please note that the credit card processor does not currently work with certain versions of the Mac operating system.
* If you are an organization paying for an employee, please note that the student account must be created with the student’s information, not a company representative’s.

  1. Locate the class you would like to register for . The most effective way to use the search is to enter as few criteria as possible: for example, a keyword from the title and a Subject Area / Program. The more criteria that are entered, the more your search is limited.
  2. Click [Add to Cart] . Select any valid price adjustments if they are available (e.g., Early Bird Discount).
  3. Click [Continue Checkout] . You will then be taken to a Login page. If you registered for a non-credit class since December 2011 , enter your username and password and proceed with checkout. If you last took a class before December 2011 , or have never taken a class, please select New User , enter your e-mail address, and proceed with check-out to create a student account.
  4. Check your e-mail . You will receive an enrollment confirmation with a PDF payment receipt attached.

* If you are an organization registering multiple employees by credit card in numbers where it is not feasible to enroll them individually (e.g., sending eight clinicians to a mental health seminar), please have your employees create their student accounts here. Once they have all been created, call 503-725-9968 to pay by phone or e-mail to arrange the best time for us to reach you.

Paying by check or money order

  1. Locate the class you would like to register for.
  2. Print, fill out and sign a paper registration form.
  3. Mail the registration form with the check* to:
    Portland State University
    Continuing Education
    P.O. Box 1629
    Portland, OR 97207-1629

    * US funds only.

Paying by purchase order, tuition voucher, etc.

* Please note that this option is only available to organization, (e.g., businesses, school districts, government agencies). Individuals may not be billed.

  1. Have your employees create their student accounts. They can do so here. Please do not use a company representative’s contact information.
  2. Fill out and sign paper registration forms for each of the students. Please include enough identifying information so that we are able to identify the correct student, as we often encounter individuals with a shared name.
  3. Send the purchase order or tuition voucher along with the registration form(s) to our office. They can be e-mailed to, faxed to 503-725-4737, or mailed to:
    Portland State University
    Continuing Education
    P.O. Box 1629
    Portland, OR 97207-1629